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Michigan's indoor air quality specialists providing you the latest in air purification solutions for your home!

Michigan's indoor air quality specialists providing you the latest in air purification solutions for your home!


Studies show that the air in your home can be much dirtier than the air outside, so how do you improve your indoor air quality? Trusted Air Duct Cleaning is here to help you achieve cleaner air throughout your home. Our air purification systems go above and beyond your standard furnace filter, helping to eliminate allergens, odors, mold, viruses and other harmful airborne pathogens from your air, and may even be effective against COVID-19*. Our state-of-the-art purification systems are affordable and hassle-free, installed directly into your HVAC system, effectively cleaning your indoor air 24/7/365.

Serving all local communities of Livingston, Oakland, Ingham, and Washtenaw Counties, we invite you to contact us to learn more about our air purification products, or to schedule a free in-home air quality consultation. We look forward to helping you achieve healthier breathing in your home!

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Media Air Filters

Above & beyond your standard furnace filter

Nothing beats Rheem when it comes to advanced air filtration in your home. Whole Home Exact Fit Media Air Cleaners maximize your home air filtration, designed to fit perfectly in your furnace to remove significantly more dust, pollen, and pet dander from your air. 4 X the thickness of your standard furnace filter, Rheem Media Air Cleaners last much longer as well, minimizing filter changes and saving you money!

Looking to upgrade your home air filtration? Contact us to learn more or to have a Rheem Whole Home Media Air Cleaner installed by our pros.

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APCO-X Air Treatment Systems

Revolutionary UV-C light sanitization technology

The APCO-X is a high-tech UV-C light purification system that sanitizes your home air at the microscopic level.  This whole house air treatment system operates on powerful Ultra-Violet light, neutralizing odors and harmful VOCs (Volatile Organic Compounds) that standard filters can't eliminate.

Airborne pollutants like odors, mold, bacteria, viruses, and allergens are no match for the advanced UV-C light technology. The APCO-X whole house purification system installs directly in your furnace air handler unit to effectively sanitize your air 24/7/365, and is equipped with LED controls for easy monitoring.

Disclaimer: Fresh-Aire UV systems are installed within the HVAC system and are not intended to diagnose, treat, prevent or cure any disease. The systems have not been tested, specifically, on Coronavirus and is not a medical device. Learn more >>


APCO X air purification installation company Michigan

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REME HALO In-Duct Air Purifiers

Advanced air purification circulating through your home

The REME HALO whole house air purification system is the next generation of advanced air cleaning. Using state-of-the-art Hydro-Peroxide plasma, this system doesn't wait for pathogens to come through your HVAC air supply, it actively distributes VOC-fighting molecules throughout your entire home or building!

Installed directly in your air supply plenum, the charged plasma sweeps through your HVAC ducts penetrating every space in your home or building. Acting like T cells in your body, it attaches to mold, bacteria, viruses, or any other airborne VOC and destroys it on the spot, proactively cleaning your air.

Disclaimer: PHI-Cell® and REME HALO® technology has not been tested on coronavirus (COVID-19) and is not a medical device therefore no medical claims are made. Testing conducted by independent accredited labs and universities. Learn more >>


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ActivePure Air Purification Products

Flexible air purification technology

ActivePure is our newest air purification product line that provides more flexible air treatment in your home. The AP3000 II air purification unit can be placed anywhere in your home or commercial space. This discreet unit plugs into your wall socket and uses advanced ion generation and ActivePure proprietary technology to sanitize up to 3,000 square feet of indoor air and surfaces.

The Air Scrubber HVAC air purifier is another system that installs directly into your HVAC, using the same cleaning technology as the AP3000 the air circulated throughout your home. Small and discreet, this unit is still powerful enough to effectively sanitize up to 3,000 square feet of indoor air!


ActivePure air purification for your indoor air

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Providing the latest technology in indoor air quality solutions for residential customers throughout Livingston, Washtenaw, Oakland, and Ingham Counties! Call today for a quote & to schedule your free in-home estimate.


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Indoor Air Purification FAQs 



Will air purifiers help protect against Coronavirus?

It's important to be transparent about our product's effectiveness against the COVID-19 coronavirus. As of today there has been no clinical testing to prove that the air purification products we offer are effective against, specifically, the Wuhan COVID-19 RNA Coronavirus. However, the COVID-19 virus strain is a member of the enveloped RNA coronavirus subfamily. Through validated testing, our products (REME HALO & APCO-X) have a proven reduction rate of 99%+ against viruses of the same RNA subfamily as COVID-19.


What kind of maintenance is involved w/ air purifiers?

Depending on the system, it is relatively hassle-free to maintain your home air purification system. For products like the Media Air Cleaner, you are simply replacing a filter unit, just like a standard air filter.  For more advanced products like the APCO-X or REME HALO, these systems feature a bulb or cell that needs to be replaced every year or so.


Can I install an air cleaning system myself? 

It is certainly possible to do so, you can find DYI instructions on the internet. However, the manufacturers strongly recommend hiring an expert to professionally install it. Installation of these components normally entail retrofitting and cutting holes in your HVAC system, where problems can occur if not done properly.


How much do these air purifiers cost?

If you are looking to purchase one of these products, and/or need installation, we can provide a quick quote today, just contact us by calling (734) 688-8120 or sending us a request via our form below.  We can also come out for a free estimate to evaluate your needs and offer a personalized solution for your home or office building.


What's the difference between air filtration (Media Air) and air purifiers (APCO-X & REME HALO)?

The Media Air Cleaner is basically the same technology as your standard air filter, just on steroids so-to-speak. The filter material is significantly thicker, providing more powerful filtering of airborne dust, pollen, and allergens, however it DOES NOT effectively treat pathogens at the microscopic level. Systems like APCO-X and REME HALO feature advanced air purification technology that destroys microscopic pathogens like bacteria, allergens, mold, odors, and viruses.


Do you offer equipment/labor warranty?

Yes, each unit we install comes with a limited manufacturer's warranty on the equipment itself (with product registration). All of our installation labor comes with a 30-day warranty. To learn more about equipment warranties, contact us at (734) 688-8120.


Are air purifiers safe for children and pets?

Yes, every air purifier system we install is safe for family members of all ages, as well as your furry friends.  Cleaner, purer air is a benefit for everyone!