Dryer vent cleaning specials Brighton, Howell, Hartland, Livingston County

Schedule your affordable dryer vent cleaning today and enjoy safer, more efficient operation from your dryer

Schedule your affordable dryer vent cleaning today and enjoy safer, more efficient operation from your dryer


For the safety of your home, and to promote proper operation of your dryer, it's recommended to not only clean your lint screen, but also have your dryer vent inspected and professionally cleaned. Trusted Air Duct Cleaning is a licensed and insured home service company, specializing in comprehensive dryer vent cleaning for residential customers in Livingston, Oakland, Washtenaw, and Ingham County areas.

Having your dryer vent professionally inspected and cleaned is the best thing you can do to prevent fire hazards, and to extend the life and efficiency of your dryer. Our #1 goal is to exceed the expectations of our customers, by delivering superior customer service and making sure your dryer is operating safely and efficiently. Contact us today for a quote, and to schedule your professional dryer vent cleaning appointment! (734) 688-8120




Air-Powered Brushing System Dislodges & Flushes All Debris From Your Dryer Vent

Our dryer vent cleaning pros visually inspect the dryer vent to diagnose any obstructions, pinches, or any other issues in the vent that could present safety/operational hazards. We then use a powerful agitation brush combined with compressed air to dislodge and flush all debris from your vent. Depending on the amount of build-up in your vent, our technician will continue to feed the air-powered brush until all inside surfaces are cleaned.

Our technician will then conduct a visual inspection of the inside of your dryer vent to ensure all debris is properly removed, followed by a short dryer cycle to make sure your dryer is running smoothly without any obstructions!



Affordable, professional dryer vent cleaning services for residential customers throughout Livingston, Washtenaw, Oakland, and Ingham Counties! Call today for a quote & to schedule your appointment.


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Why Get Your Dryer Vent Professionally Cleaned 



Prevent fire hazards!

First and foremost reason to have your dryer vents inspected and cleaned is to prevent fire hazards from manifesting into a dangerous situation. When air flow from your dryer to the exhaust vent gets obstructed, it can cause the dryer to labor and overheat, and will cause a fire eventually if not addressed.


Does your vent need to be replaced? 

Over time your dryer vent may get pinched, ripped, and just deteriorate in general. If your dryer vent is damaged, lint, debris and heated air can leak out behind your dryer, and into other spaces around your vent system. We will conduct a thorough evaluation of your dryer vent and if it is damaged we can offer an affordable replacement.


More efficient drying

If your dryer vents are obstructed and your dryer can't circulate air properly, it inhibits the drying process for your clothes, causing longer drying cycles. Removing lint and other obstructions from your vent will allow for proper air flow, promoting shorter, more efficient operation of your dryer.


Extend the life of your dryer

Clean dryer vents equates to extended dryer life!  Allowing your dryer to ventilate properly means less stress on the working parts of your dryer.


Cleaner clothes

When lint and debris builds up in your vent, it causes more lint to remain in the dryer, and on your clothes.  Keeping your dryer vent open and clean allows your dryer to exhaust properly, leaving your clothes cleaner in the process.


Prevent mold growth

As lint and other debris build up in your ventilation system, nasty mold growth can find a home in your vents, causing a moldy smell and other potential health concerns. Getting rid of that material in your vents keeps mold and other microbes away.