Air duct cleaning specials Brighton, Howell, Hartland, Livingston County

Our powerful air duct cleaning technology promotes healthier breathing, plus safer, more energy-efficient HVAC performance in your home

Our powerful air duct cleaning technology promotes healthier breathing, plus safer, more energy-efficient HVAC performance in your home


Trusted Air Duct Cleaning is your duct cleaning professionals in Brighton, Livingston County, and beyond!  Every day, we deliver high-performance air duct cleaning at affordable rates for residential customers in Michigan, including all of Livingston, Ingham, Washtenaw, and Oakland County. Our advanced duct cleaning technology scrubs every inside surface of your duct-work, dislodging all stubborn debris and removing it using powerful suction equipment.  With clean ducts you will be breathing easier, while enjoying safer, more efficient operation from your heating and cooling equipment.

We take pride in going above and beyond for our customers and delivering the best air duct cleaning services in the area. We invite you to contact us today for an easy quote and to schedule your duct cleaning appointment! (734) 688-8120




Air-Powered Brushing System Dislodges Stubborn Debris From Your Ducts

Our mechanical agitation brush system is powered by compressed air, reaching all surfaces & corners of your duct work to effectively dislodge all stuck-on debris.  The agitation brush is connected to a flexible air hose that hooks into a powerful air compressor, as we feed air to the hose the brush spins, generating powerful 360 degree cleaning.

Starting at the top level of your home, we feed the brush through your vent openings carefully working the brush through every surface of your ducts, ensuring all areas are thoroughly cleaned.  By controlling air flow, we can gently treat delicate areas, or deliver more cleaning power when needed!

Agitation brush or air whip duct cleaning Brighton




Powerful Suction Technology Flushes Out All Dirt, Dust, & Debris

As we work our way through your ducts, we use compressed air to blow all dislodged debris down into your main HVAC supply (trunk line). Here is where we conduct the final stages of your duct cleaning, where all that nasty material collects in one place, allowing us to access and remove it.  We use an advanced HEPA vacuum machine that connects into your main supply, then using powerful suction we suck out all the flushed debris from your ducts.

Once your ducts have been professionally cleaned, we don't stop there! We treat your ducts with an anti-bacterial spray that helps to sanitize your ducts, followed by a thorough cleaning of every air register and vent cover throughout your home. Finally, we perform a thorough cleaning of your furnace blower motor assembly to ensure your HVAC system is 100% clean! After we clean up, we'll walk you through everything to ensure you are 100% satisfied with the job we performed.

Air powered suction duct cleaning Brighton



Duct Cleaning FAQs


How Much Do You Charge For Duct Cleaning?

At Trusted Air Duct Cleaning we promise to provide competitive quotes and up-front fees on all of our duct cleaning services. We charge based on the square footage of your home. For example, a 2,000 square foot home would usually be $500. Call us at (734) 688-8120 or fill out our online scheduling form to get a quote today. Don't forget to check out our specials to save on your next duct cleaning appointment!


Do You Offer Commercial Duct Cleaning?

No, at this moment we do not. It may be a service we add down the road but for now we are focused on providing the best residential air duct cleaning services in Michigan.


What Are Your Service Areas?

We provide air duct cleaning to residential customers throughout Livingston, Washtenaw, Ingham, and Oakland Counties. You need us, we'll be there!

When Do I Need My Ducts Cleaned?

Good question, but it depends on a variety of factors. If you've been living in your home for a while and have never gotten your ducts cleaned, it's time! It's also a good idea to get your ducts cleaned if you've moved into a new home, built a new home, or recently completed extensive renovations that creates dust and debris.


How Long Does The Duct Cleaning Take?

Typically, to conduct a comprehensive duct cleaning job it will take us on average 2 to 4 hours. However it can vary depending on extenuating circumstances, in which case you will not be charged any overages.


What Other Services Do You Offer?

In addition to air duct cleaning and dryer vent cleaning, we are also licensed HVAC contractors, water heater, and gas line service experts. We offer 24-hour emergency repair service, plus expert installation on heating, air conditioning, water heaters, & gas line upgrades.